The luxury streetwear collection at Baesolé blends all elements with a focus on self-love, sustainability, and clarity. In 2022, Nick van der Kolk founded the brand with the intention of influencing how people view fashion and personal expression. Men and women who value sustainability, functionality, and simplicity should explore our apparel collection.

The latest fashion trends serve as the inspiration behind our collection, which also creatively incorporates art. Our apparel collection is designed to stand out, including its strong designs and distinctive patterns. In order to guarantee that our garments will last for many seasons to come, we only use quality, sustainable fabrics. You may wear our pieces to the out on the town, to the gym or for a casual day out because they are designed to be functional.

We also believe that using the power of fashion to change the world is a great thing. Every item of clothing is made with care and attention to detail due to our dedication to sustainability, which protects both the planet and the individual.

At Baesolé, we provide a wide variety of lifestyle products, from garments to accessories, that are all designed using the same emphasis on self-love, simplicity, and clarity. Explore our collection to discover the perfect mix of luxury, streetwear, and art. Come together with us on this fashion-inspired journey of self-expression. At Baesolé, we believe that when you feel good about yourself, you can conquer the world. That's because when you look good, you feel good.